Indigo partner with 8×8

At Indigo Unified Communications we pride ourselves on only partnering with Market Leaders. Whether that be our IT offering, our Mobile Telephony offering, connectivity or even our Print services.

That is why we are proud to partner with 8×8.

An 8×8 Business Telephone System gives you the flexibility to grow and change, lets your people work on the move or even from home, just as if they were in the office. Inbuilt collaboration tools to hold online meetings enabling the sharing of content and video and provides a new avenue for communicating with customers, suppliers and other members of your team.

The 8×8 telephone system is the world’s first Unified Communications system that easily and seamlessly connects employees.

There are many features that are included and can be added onto the 8×8 office phone system. One of these being the free desktop and mobile app that comes with every licence purchased. The mobile app enables every employee to make mobile calls using their office number, forward/transfer calls, view your company directory, join conference calls remotely, just as they would on their desk phone. If like us, your company promotes home working/remote working, then this app will ensure that none of your employees miss a call.

With the 8×8 phone system, all UK, national, local and mobile calls are included within your monthly subscription. We also offer a wider range of business calls and lines.

The 8×8 phone system makes it easy for users to hold video conferences with anyone, anywhere.

Are you wanting your phone system to be able to provide you with company-wide call reports? With the 8×8 phone system you can have just that! 8×8 can deliver rapid analytics and real-time information based on all extensions that are on the 8×8 platform. The reporting is pulled off an easy to use, customisable web based tool.

With our business VoIP service, you will always have the latest and greatest. Whenever a new feature becomes available, or an existing feature is improved, updates are automatically applied. As a result, not only does this make 8×8 truly future proof, but it also means that the system is always compliant with all current and future legislation.

As we prepare for the great ISDN switchoff, we need to be looking to the future. And as far as we are concerned, 8×8 is the best in the market. Reach out to find out more.

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